How to Know If You're Making Good Decisions

 Photo by John Mark Smith

Photo by John Mark Smith

Every decision you’ll make, you’ll have some reaction to it. Do a self-analysis with the points below to see if the decision you’re making is good or could be improved.  

Does the decision make you:

  • Excited about the future

  • A little bit scared but positive about what is coming

  • Big, confident, and self-sufficient

  • Lessens pain of the past, diminishes it, or make goes away completely

  • Smile and not freak out even if your bank account is negative 50 bucks

When you make a good decision, it will carry you on its wings, taking you away from your present situation.

We hold on to our fears, frustrations, and anger when we don’t know how to handle it or function without it. When we make a good decision, we let go of the pain of the past and let it be what it is, a memory.

The right decisions I’ve made reinforced my belief in myself. A lot of times I’ve confused anticipation and excitement of the unknown for fear. The best decision you make should make you feel like you’re moving forward, getting closer to that ultimate version while also shaking off any regret/trouble from the past pain.

 Photo by Mike Enerio

Photo by Mike Enerio

Good decisions help you bridge the gap between your past and the future that you want. They help you stand outside of yourself: less sensitive, more forgiving and embracing, needing less confirmation from others.

Turning off the negative voice in your head is difficult. The best is when you’re about to make a decision—even a few at the same time—and feel the mental shackles that have held you back in the past dissolve.

If you are committed to improving yourself and spend time on things that give meaning to your life, who can deny that? Be wary of the ones who try. Wolves in sheeps clothings.

Good Decisions:

  • Take away previous pains

  • Help you focus on the present by facing you forward

  • Help you step outside of your current state of mind

Please note, not all good decisions will make you extremely happy. Some good decisions are tough when you make them but will bring long-term happiness. For instance, quitting a job that isn’t the right fit but pays well or ending a relationship with someone you care about.

Most people would be good at self-diagnosing their issues if they took the time to do it with a clear head.

Some decisions can hurt or feel magnificent, but it’s this simple—every good decision you make leads to an improved future.

It’s your job to decide what that improved future is but if it covers the points I’ve described, you are on your way. Decisions are about refinement, not perfection.

Refine your future one decision at a time.