I have a lot of reasons why I should not play music...

I’m a first-generation musician. Musical talent is not a family trait and I’m the only one that plays an instrument. In College, I failed three auditions trying out on both guitar and saxophone. It was heartbreaking, but when I finally got into music school, I dropped out anyway feeling that it was a waste of time.

Years later, I had a motorcycle accident and shattered my wrist into a million pieces. I almost lost my ability to play completely. After four surgeries, metal hardware, a nasty allergic reaction, and months of physical therapy, I recovered most of my range of motion. I have some pretty awesome scars too.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a songwriter. I’ve taken many vocal lessons but it hasn't changed the fact that my voice is a mixture of average and strange, and ultimately, not strong enough to build a career around. If anyone wants to know why I compose instrumental music, this is why.

I’ve played hundred of shows with different bands, had some breakups, directed musicals, taught a bunch of people how to play music, and composed for t.v. commercials.

Now I’m over trying to figure out what I should be doing musically. My goal is to inspire people by sharing what inspires me. I recently bought a piano, which was a longtime dream, and started a new project called Piano Sketches. It’s my raw, unabridged dialogue with the piano.

I have two daughters and sometimes my wife looks at me with a scowl that seems to say, “when are you going to let this music thing go?” I probably should have been a lawyer like my mom wanted, but for some people, it’s impossible for them to suppress their souls.

I am one of those people.