Unleash Your Sound

Unleash Your Sound

Fast-track music writing program

Unleash Your Sound - 4 Week Program
997.00 1,499.00

Have you ever wanted to write a song?

Don't know where to start or get stuck and not know where to go?

That stops now...

Get FIRED UP! We're going to write, record, and mix a ready radio song in one month.

Here's how we're going to do it. 

Unleash Your Sound is a 4 week music writing program.

This step-by-step system will unlock your strengths as an artist and will teach you what you need to know to record your music at the highest level, in the least amount of time.

Ready to dive in and get started? Let's go!

In This Program We Will:

  • Create a radio ready recording of your song

  • Write an unforgettable melody that will have people singing along

  • Write captivating lyrics that tell a story

  • Double our songwriting productivity

  • Master songwriting fundamentals

  • Get pro advice and coaching

  • Develop a clear song strategy and artist niche

  • Complete weekly objectives and milestones

It's All About Results

Aren't you tired of having so many great song ideas but not doing anything with them? Don't you want your music to be heard in the most captivating and brilliant way?

A great song idea is not enough.

You have to have a strategy, take action, and get the project done. Not next month or next week, but NOW!

Unleash Your Sound is your complete guide to getting your music completed, as fast as possible. 

We're musicians so let's commit to excellence. Let's get your song done.

Program Includes:

  • Master Mix of Your Song

  • 1 30-minute "Project Kick Off" session

  • 3 50-minute "Music breakthrough" coaching sessions

  • Weekly assignments that will develop your skills

  • Weekly project materials to motivate you and keep you on track

  • Unlimited email support for questions that you need answered now

  • Community Feedback: Submit your Master Mix and get feedback from 3 pro songwriters

Unleash Your Sound - 4 Week Program
997.00 1,499.00

|Your Guide|

Jason Dzamba is an American multi-instrumentalist composer. His experience in commercial music production, education, and performance has given him in-depth knowledge of the music creation process.

After finishing a degree from Florida State and Full Sail University, he entered the Composition Program at New World School of the Arts. He excelled but soon realized the lessons taught were far removed from the skills needed to meet his client's needs. 

Most of the college studies treated music as an isolated discipline with little to do with the scenarios he dealt with on his own projects. Some examples are how to get professional work, keep a client happy, meet broadcast recording standards, and deliver a project on time, just to name a few. 

Since then, he's developed music training programs, like Unleash Your Sound, that teach musicians skills that are critical to their success.